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Reader Reviews and Testimonials

"I just finished this book in one sitting. Not because the story lacked depth, or even due to the fact that this is a short book.  I have read novellas that dragged.  No, this was a quick read because the characters invited me into their world of Revolutionary War Vermont, and drew me with their hardships, ingenuity, and pluck.  The writing disappeared and allowed a vivid story world to emerge.  I was invested."

Review by Kathleen L. Maher, The Prodigal Patriot, Maple Notch Romances (Amazon)

"Love the easy insert of Christian beliefs without being preachy.  It is presented so gracefully... how a person includes God in their every day life.  Highly recommend.  It gave me peace and joy sharing in CiCi's life.  Awesome character development.  The characters are created so wonderfully.  You care about them and [route] for their success." 

Review by T.C., Gunfight at Grace Gulch, Dressed For Death Collection (Amazon)

"I loved this book. Life on a steamboat on the Rio Grande River filled with adventure and romance... interspersed with faith and redemption... all made for a wonderfully sweet read."

Review by Collector, A Bride's Rogue (Amazon)

"I truly enjoyed the first five Maple Notch novels, taking place in colonial [times] through the 1930s.  These stories were full of adventure and interesting history and characters... I think the author shines with historical novels."

Review by BookJeannie, A Bride's Rogue (Amazon)

"For a short story it is filled with so much and takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride with tears, grief, joy, laughter, sadness, excitement and faith.  We see the effects of war, hate and bitterness, neighbors pulling together, [and] history in the making.  I love the faith elements and spiritual roots woven throughout the storyline."

Review by Tina St. Clair Rice, The Prodigal Patriot, Maple Notch Romances (Amazon)

"A lovely story of what we all can do if we just listen to that still, small voice... [I enjoyed] this sweet story that shows what a difference we can make for others if we just listen and look around us."

Review by Betti, Angel in Disguise, Brides of Texas Book 1 (Amazon)