Rewriting the Rules

For many people, residing in an assisted living facility means slower paced days and a relatively predictable existence. That kind of life is not for everyone, though. Some folks become more active than ever, seizing every day's bright opportunity as a way of life.  This was most definitely the case with New England-born author, Darlene Franklin, syndicated columnist, magazine writer, poet and published author. Amazingly, though, it wasn't until after her change of address that things really began to pick up dramatically! She had already been published by then, but the lion's share of her work was created after she moved into assisted living some years ago. That's where she happened upon a creative wellspring that is still running strong today. Over the last few years she has managed to become one of the country's most prolific published authors. A true achievement by any measure.

With more than a few fan favorites to her credit, Darlene writes material she would want to read herself. Her works are known for immersing the reader in deep, layered worlds where they can lose themselves in the lives of her beautifully sketched characters. Some of Darlene Franklin's most cherished work takes place in the cozy, picturesque locale of her beloved New England. Like a tapestry of personal memories, experiences and boundless inspiration, Darlene manages to inhabit her creations--and she spins a marvelous yarn indeed.  With characters who populate both places and times of all kinds, Darlene Franklin's books are bound only by her own imagination.

"Living in a nursing home might make some people feel like their world is small, but for me it has never felt bigger," explains Ms. Franklin. "I absolutely love writing and when I look back at the amount of books I've published, I can't quite believe it was me who wrote all of them! I've got no plans to slow down, and I have lots and lots of ideas still waiting to be put to paper. So, this year my goal is to publish my seventy-fifth book—and I'm pretty confident I can make it happen!"

Darlene Franklin is an active member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Christian Authors Network. She has authored 68 books and nearly 300 devotionals, and she hopes to reach Book #75 before the end of 2020. Her historical fiction ranges from the Revolutionary War to World War II, from Texas to Vermont.  

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In Her Own Words



People often ask if I always wanted to be a writer. The answer? Yes and no. Yes, I was writing stories, worked as the society editor at a small newspaper, and wrote poems now and then—but that didn’t mean I was a writer. God had called me to be a music missionary to Mexico at summer camp. Life—and God—kept pushing me in the direction of writing until I finally embraced it.

I was born in New Hampshire during the baby boom and spent most of my growing-up years in New England. We settled in Maine when I was nine, and the Pine Tree state will always be home to me. The only child of a single mom, I grew up in a household of three women who doted on me. I left Maine for good when I went to Northeastern Bible College in Essex Fells, New Jersey and earned my Bachelor of Church Music degree. After graduation, I followed my former roommate and her husband to Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Ft. Worth. My straight-forward life plan crashed when I was kicked out of the Master of Music program. They had the gall to tell me I didn’t play piano well enough! I still play piano for church groups that visit the nursing home, in spite of my arthritic fingers. When I’m happy, I sing. In fact, lately I’ve even started writing music. After that disappointment, I could have continued in music theory, or a Master of Church music. Instead, I transferred to the religious education school and got married. Two children later, I finished the degree. 

I had married an Okie born and bred and we moved there from Texas. Shortly after we left Oklahoma for Colorado, we divorced. I’d always dreamed of the Rocky Mountains, and they didn’t disappoint. They gave me the same thrill as the rocky shores of Maine, and I felt I had found my second home.

I began writing daily in the wake of the divorce. Often it was my lifeline as I took care of two children struggling with the aftermath of a difficult separation. After a rough patch in his teens, my son has grown into a wonderful man of God. My daughter didn’t fare as well. She struggled with Borderline Personality Disorder, which made our lives a moment-by-moment trial. In the end, she took her own life.

Through it all, God was faithful. Through it all, I kept writing.

It took fourteen years to get a book in print. After Romanian Rhapsody came out in 2005, I didn’t get another contract until 2007. In ten years, I reached book #50, Mermaid’s Song. Since then, my writing has continued to explode. I currently have 70 books in print and hope to reach #75 by the end of 2020. I also write regularly for magazines such as Pastor Resources, MTL Magazine, and On a Mission. IN 2019, the Old Schoolhouse published my writing curriculum for home schooled high schoolers. After my daughter’s death, I returned to Oklahoma to be near my son and his family. Grandchildren calling! I live near my son Jaran’s family: his wife Shelley, and those precious grandchildren: Savannah, Shannon and her children Brilynn and Dylan, Jordan and Isaiah. Health problems dictated that I move into a nursing home, where I continue to write full-time. That’s okay! I’m still a warrior woman.

Most recently, I’ve rediscovered poetry. The highlight so far of the warm reception my poems is earning winning first place in Writer’s Digest Ae Freislighe contest for my poem, “Practice Aims for Perfection.” I’ve published my third book of poetry, Celebrating Women, to coincide with Mother’s Day.