New England Courtships


A Darlene Franklin Primer

Are you new to Darlene Franklin's work, just looking to dip a toe in?  Or perhaps you're already a fan who would simply love to have a "Darlene Franklin's Greatest Hits" in your life.  Either way, New England Courtships is for you!  This compilation of hand-selected career highlights is bound to astound with its  vivid, emotive cover art and sharp focus on one particular area of Darlene Franklin's writing; the New England romance story.  

Drawing from her own personal experiences having grown up in New England herself, this heartwarming omnibus will be right at home in any Darlene Franklin collection.  Click below to order yours today!

The Heart of the Midwife


Four Historical Stories

Bound by a common bond of wanting to help the Missouri hill people they’ve grown to love, Phoebe Hudson, socialite-turned-midwife, and Luke Morris, the schoolteacher, find themselves mediators in a family feud.  Darlene Franklin provides one-quarter of this new collection. Click below to preorder this title on Amazon now! 

Celebrating Women


A Book Of Beautiful Poetry

Women—mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, friends, mentors, wives, pioneers. The list is endless. Celebrating Women takes joy in all we are—socially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and more. Poems range from “Recipe for Life” to “On the Death of my Son” to “Detour—Kids at Play.”

Celebrating Women is the perfect gift for the special women in your life, be they mothers, wives, sisters, or daughters.

Little Bits


A Collection of Short Stories

Here’s an eclectic mix of fiction genres presented in 15 short stories to keep avid readers moving through the pages. From multi-published authors at Winged Publications, this collection includes genres from cozy mysteries to Christmas tales, chased with a good measure of sweet romance and suspense in between. If your reading time comes in spurts and snips, try this fresh collection that packs a lot of plot into memorable tiny bits! Click below to purchase your low-priced copy directly from Amazon!

Comfort One Another


Strength From Those Who Care

Your friends at Winged Publications have released a heartwarming and life-affirming gift book. Consider it some much needed relief in these times of tragedy and uncertainty. From
"Through our prayers, meditations, and poems, the authors of Winged Publications offer you their care, and the strength and comfort they have found in the Lord God."  Click below to get your free digital copy today!